So Fuck You!


We are currently working on getting recordings of our songs.  It may be a bit rough, pre-production for when we actually get a chance to go to the studio but it is happening.   God knows we have enough songs.  We just need to stay sober enough to remember them.  Anyhow things are coming along and songs will be added to this site shortly.   And a quick message to any of you motherfuckers out there who doubt us.   Fuck you!  This project has been surrounded by one simple concept.  That concept is great friends doing something they love.  A simple excuse for us to get together and hang out.   We don't do this for the sake of you, or anyone else.  We do it because we love it.  So to all the haters it is pretty simple.  You don't have to go the website, you don't have to turn the volume up, you don't have to attend any of the upcoming shows.   If you would like to attend a show in the future just to talk shit,  well, we welcome that too.